What is the Walking Pattern?


The Walking Pattern is a movement method
that creates and opens up a world for conversation and expression.


Witness the art and grace of improv dancers who choreograph and play with structured movement in response to messages fed to them by public participants.


On the surface, the Walking Pattern is art, beauty, and dance that enriches the space around it. At its core, the Walking Pattern exists to give expression to emotions and messages from the hearts of the audience that views it.


It has been used to:
– express joy and play,
– facilitate mediation and conflict resolution,
– as therapy for grief,
– and as a means to allow people to be heard, affirmed, and valued.


Come play with us and experience this one-of-a-kind interactive art for yourself.


Share what moved you!

If you had a chance to experience the Walking Pattern, we invite you to share with us what moved you, either in written form, or by uploading videos or pictures you took at the event. 

Host the Walking Pattern

Events and Corporate Retreats
If you would like to invite the Walking Pattern to your event, please contact walkingpattern@juliefunk.com for more information.
Mediation and Reconciliation Workshops
If you would like to have the Walking Pattern facilitate conflict resolution, mediation, or reconciliation walkingpattern@juliefunk.com for more information.
Art Festivals and Events
To invite the Walking Pattern team to an art festival or event, please contact walkingpattern@juliefunk.com for more information.

Join the Walking Pattern

If you are a trained dancer and would like to view or audition for the Walking Pattern, please contact walkingpattern@juliefunk.com. The Walking Pattern allows dancers to participate in “dance as a service” to people instead of the normal “dance as a product.” For artists who understand that art is something that they must do, come experience art that creates itself and allows for empowerment, mindfulness, discovery, freedom, expression, challenge, and life change.