I have been told I should write a BLOG – I have always wanted to be a ‘writer’ – anyone who knows me knows my outward obsession is with the body – dance has been the point of departure but dance has been something I have been trying to get away from for decades – yup that long – most of my jobs are in movement education / dance education – but dance for me is a state of being not something that one “does” – that way of thinking is a game changer in how I have witnessed people approach this art form – I read somewhere quite along time ago that the second greatest fear a human has besides the fear of death is the fear of being seen while dancing – I wonder about this because my eyes see that people actually long for it – deep down it is the ultimate freedom no?!? – to let the music in and be unencumbered by what we look like I believe is a soul goal for most of us – I have found philosophically that our education system believes it a forgone conclusion that kids will just know how to dance and this is simply not the case – it is a pressure cooker for most especially for those who embark on it as a career choice – the expectation is to be wowed and blown away and to show things that surpass what a “normal’ person can do gets crazier and crazier the more extreme we have been able to go – deep meaning and entertainment go head to head and what a big business it has become – but what if dance was how we say hello and good bye – what if it was place we invited into all facets of our lives and studies – our bodies are of heaven after all –

I have had the fortune of seeing bodies hurdle this terror and allow the state of the dance to enter – the joy is palpable and the enthusiasm infectious – how is this done? by making stillness a dance – the simple nodding of the head a ballet – and that the feeling of dancing on the inside is enough to fulfil the requirement that one has participated in the class – when this permission is given people fly – it is astounding the transformation –

But why BLOG? –  Well  I have ideas  but why now? – maybe because I feel I have just come thru slaughter – my obsessive way of exploring my body really broke me down and the past 10 years have brought on a healing that I feel is worth sharing – this website contains ideas I stand by and want to be sure I have available to anyone who has studied with me in the past – we are built to get stronger with age and it is true our waters decrease a bit as we age are not designed to dry up – I want to keep up the good fight of unleashing my waters and help others to do the same –

Anyone out there who happens to read this I hope to hear from you and for those who have studied under me explore the teaching videos for corrections in ideas and sure fire ways to keep you kicking til your final days – love love love