My Story

I teach moment classes. A vast host of imagery and language has evolved that builds a structure for actors/dancers/performers to drape themselves over and connect with – It contains for the student the time and space to coordinate an interior life – working inside this framework gives the mover access to pathways that lead to an understanding and an ability to use movement as a way of listening to ourselves – the space around us – and to others — this applies both in what we do and how we do it – these universally applicable approaches have an emphasis  on creative expression that is wondrous for actors, would be applicable to any dance style and  be a benefit for sport and physical activities of all kinds –

The class works together to call out the unique signature of the movements of the individual students, affirming and generating more spirit into our personal and collective space – My heart easily empathizes with the students in the class – there is a perceptible and infectious enthusiasm for movement around me that very obviously reaches and engages the participants – I have been able to lead the most resistant into physical experiences  and to meet them where they are at hoping to ignite the potential for a love of movement –

There are techniques in the class that provide an efficiency, sense of freedom and stability that ensues a noticeable effect even after one class – this line of exploration is a must when developing the concept of personal practices and for the maintenance of seasoned practitioners ability for long suffering and basic survival skills when arduously using the body as ones instrument –

Soft Compression and even better the choreography of the MELT method are a must in the maintenance of our soft tissue’s hydration when in high performance or looking for relief from chronic pain – Thomas Myers a leading teacher on the fascial systems and author of the Anatomy Trains says that to change our fascia is to change our belief system – this has happened to me and am on the lookout for others with a similar story –

The Walking Pattern has been my life work when it comes to art making and choreography – it answers everything for me in what I am looking for in movement education and dance making – it made itself and reflects outwardly what I have been excavating inwardly – it is infinitely useful and grows in it’s offerings the more it is used –