My Story

A journey into chronic pain and back out

I have been a dancer for my whole life.  Dance, like many athletic activities, involved a lifestyle of ultra-repetitive movements and techniques.  I sacrificed balance and stability in my body for the sake of precision and mobility.  Combined with other life challenges and stresses these factors severely dehydrated my myofascia which led me into a 20-year period of chronic pain.

Myofascia is like a head to toe body suit that surrounds your muscles, bones, and connects the organs in-between.  Under a microscope, myofascia looks like a spider web.  When healthy, it is strong and flexible.  Mine had become felted (like how the yarn in a sweater becomes pilled or pulled) instead of a wave of fluid threads.

I developed a mindset that in order to perform, pain was necessary.  In fact, pain almost became the quest.  But soon, pain was in the way and prevented me from moving the way I needed to.  Fortunately, I encountered the MELT Method (read more about the MELT Method here).  Now, the MELT method is a part of my warm-up and fitness routine.  Just 10 minutes a day has kept me dancing pain free.

I became a MELT instructor, training directly with Sue Hitzmann, the MELT Method creator, and would love for you to experience this simple self-care methodology.

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